Roxanne Szankovich : VioLiebe - releases May 19th 2017

Roxanne Szankovich is a violin player of a different kind. Classicaly honed and grown through influences so diverse as Early Music, Jazz, Tango and Psychedelic Folk; VioLiebe is her very own take on old and new folk songs about love and madness. It being no secret that these twain often ventured together, Roxanne yet not only weaves her wonderful voice and wistful violin in an ever intertwining dance around the songs; she strives to make them a facet of her own musical personality, and, radiating their spirit whilst retaining a critical stance, thus even better the world.

Snatch an impression of this truly fantastic endeavor and grab a copy of the limited CD edition or pay what you want or can afford for the digital rendition over at our Alternate Audio Store!