Cheers folks, we’re excited to offer another little sonic journey from indie wave to surf rock via weird electronica, ambience, folk, and return. Enjoy!

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1. Rosi – Verloren [from the album Grey City Life]

2. Porridge Radio – Danish Pastry Lyrics [from the album Rice, Pasta & Other Fillers ->]

3. Florian Leitner – Die Drau [incidental music for the play Treibholz]

4. Stinkwood – Snot Block

5. Fairfolk – Being, Becoming [from the EP Being Becoming ->]

6. The Tin Men – A Tin Man Falls

7. The Irate Pirates feat. Faerytale & Phil McWalter – Please Join the Band

8. The Fisherman – Alone

9. Franz Blackbird – Helpless

10. Florian Leitner – Der Hecht 2

11. Psychosis – Recollections [from the album Recollections]

12. tkalec – The Rain That Never Falls

13. Harriers of Discord – Trouble With The Kids [from the album The Sale Of Indulgence ->]

14. Rosi feat. Joana & tkalec – Schlaf

As always, support the artists you enjoy, from a virtual thumbs up to the attendance of a show or the purchase of an album! Culture only thrives through your engagement!

And have a nice day!