Alternate Audio Podcast Vol. 5

Cheers folks, we’re excited to offer another little sonic journey from indie wave to surf rock via weird electronica, ambience, folk, and return. Enjoy!  Subscribe to our Podcast Series on iTunes (right click save as) As always, support the artists…

Rosi : Grey City Life

Rosi : Grey City Life - releases September 2nd 2016 Experience sombre entertainment and monochromatic tristesse in this modern masterpiece you would have cherished as 80ies classic had it emerged back then – Rosi’s new album Grey City Life. Grab your copy of the…

Psychosis : Recollections

Psychosis : Recollections - released February 29th 2016 Deep journeys, soulful ambience and mesmerizing soundscapes await you on Psychosis‘ debut Recollections. Get the digital album: Alternate Audio Store (free download / name your price) iTunes (full price but hey) and most other good stores.

Winter Sale

To ensure you make the best possible use of your Christmas money, we’ve decided it’d be best if you gave it to us in exchange for some nice music. Thus we’d like to offer a 20% discount to all our releases…

Gareth Davies : Dawnlight Reflections

Gareth Davies: Dawnlight Reflections - released September 25th 2015 The magical mystical Welsh singer songwriter Gareth Davies presents his second album following the critically acclaimed The Spirit Garden, Dawnlight Reflections. Get the digital album: Alternate Audio Store (free download / name your price) iTunes (full…

Aphir : Holodreem

Aphir : Holodreem - released May 15th 2015 The Australian one-woman choir of your dreams returns with a stunning full-length album that will totally blow your mind gently. ’She’s equal parts Bush and Bjork,’ as Dan Carson of ThisfakeDIY put it, ‘but no-one currently…

Rosi & tkalec On Tour

    Adventure time: Rosi and tkalec will be playing a short tour through Austria from March 18 to 21st. Here’s the dates: 18.3. Salzburg – Denkmal (-> facebook event) 19.3. Graz – CuntRa (-> facebook event) 20.3. Klagenfurt – Mozarthof (-> facebook…

Alternate Audio Podcast Vol. 4

Cheers folks, here’s another hour of music on and off the label that we really enjoy! Subscribe to our Podcast Series on iTunes (right click save as) Please do follow, like and support the artist you enjoy, even if that…

Rosi : Just Another Animal

Rosi : Just Another Animal - released December 12th 2014 Shaped by his experiences as lead singer and guitar player of We Are From Pluto and his deep house productions under the alias of Ludvik Nehrig, Bielefeld based artist Rosi turned his bedroom studio…

Gareth Davies Austria Tour cancelled

We’re sorry to announce that Gareth Davies tour accompanying the CD release of his album The Spirit Garden has been cancelled. The concert at Friday, 21.11. in Vienna @ Dezentral will however take place with Joach.im Wean and Roxanne Szankovich. Sorry folks. We hope to bring…

The Spirit Garden – limited CD edition

We’re thrilled to announce that Gareth Davies’ debut album The Spirit Garden is now available as limited edition compact disc in a beautiful cardboard slipcase. You can order it from our Bandcamp Store! (includes download of the digital album)

Alternate Audio Podcast Vol. 3

Alternate Audio Podcast Vol. 3 The next steps on your journey through the wayward realms of beautiful new music. Enjoy! Subscribe to our Podcast Series on iTunes (right click save as) Tracklist: 1. tkalec– Madness (available here) 2. Ends and the Ocean – Paper Trails 3. The…

tkalec : Gentleman Robot EP

tkalec : Gentleman Robot EP – released July 4th 2014 The unpronounceable master of the post-modern Renaissance lute tkalec returns after his full-on debut album Stowaway with another five pieces settled somewhere between folk-rock frenzy and pop poetry. Energy-laden and resonating with a…
The Cosmic Owl - Eternal Halls Asunder

The Cosmic Owl : Eternal Halls Asunder

The Cosmic Owl : Eternal Halls Asunder – released May 30th If you even feel the slightest affection towards 70ies progressive/psychedelic rock, chances are you’ll fall in love with The Cosmic Owl instantly. After their acclaimed debut album Surreality, the US outfit…

Gareth Davies : The Spirit Garden

Gareth Davies : The Spirit Garden - released April 11th Gareth Davies, originally a blues/metal guitarist turned acoustic singer-songwriter, takes us into his sonic bower of songs inspired by nature and poetry on his debut album The Spirit Garden on Alternate Audio. With a leaning…

Salem:1976 : Wounded Birds of a Feather

Salem:1976 : Wounded Birds of a Feather - out now on Alternate Audio. Salem:1976 ventures deep into a profoundly dark and mysterious realm of sound and emotion with his album ‘Wounded Birds of a Feather’. So lean back, close your eyes and…
ALTA003 : Aphir - Invirtue

Aphir : Invirtue

Aphir : Invirtue – out now on Alternate Audio. If there was a true sonic description of ethereal, it could certainly be found within this beautiful EP from Australian singer Aphir. Her voice only, yet in manifold layers and variations,…
ALTA002 : taciturn


taciturn – out now on Alternate Audio. Hailing from Washington DC, taciturn furnishes a half-electronic mixture of laid-back grooves and tender melodies with his genuine poetry of unparalleled ease and beauty on his self-titled debut album. Support the artist and…
ALTA001 - tkalec : Stowaway

tkalec : Stowaway

tkalec : Stowaway – out now on Alternate Audio. Although the mere notion of a lute playing singing songwriter alone is frightening to some, we nevertheless present the full sonic recreation of this strange compound history put together in tkalec‘s inaugural…