The Cosmic Owl is a group for musician’s, music enthusiasts and psychedelic rock lovers. John: “I began playing drums in 5th grade. From there I picked up the keys, guitar and bass. I started recording solo in 2004 or so, but I think most of it’s crap. Then I formed Earth Shadow with my friend and vocalist Seth, and drummer/guitarist Nathan Bakes. Then came The Cosmic Owl, which is so far just Seth and I. Along with the music, there has also been sci-fi stories based on the group members.” Several different instruments have been used over the years but the bulk of Cosmic’s music is made with the Korg M50. “We don’t use loops or arpeggiators. What fun is there in just pushing a button?” The music is Psychedelic-progressive acoustic-rockish… Enjoy! You’ll find the lyrics and notes for all these songs inThe Hooting of the Owl

Here are some stats: 84% of the tunes have a keyboard solo in them, but only 15% have an electric guitar solo, though that is slowly changing. 34% were composed on the acoustic guitar, 32% on keys and 30% on the electric. 84% have vocals. As far as lyrical content goes, 23% are about existential issues and philosophy, 19% psychedelic imagery/stream of consciousness and 15% are about space, 11% about herbs, 7% Relationships, Solitude, Religion, Social Commentary, and 3% are about Nature.

The Cosmic Owl‘s second full-length album Eternal Halls Asunder was released May 30th.

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